Reform without accountability is unsustainable

Even a filthy corrupt and authoritarian government might want to try a ”good” reform, in an attempt to boost popularity. Even that one “good” reform will most probably fail. And that is because it will lack a central ingredient, and that ingredient is accountability. Accountability has to be built into the reform, from the very beginning, at all stages.

This comes in direct contradiction with the very essence of authoritarian regimes. They lack any ability to explain their actions and decisions, their way of government is not transparent, not inclusive, therefore they are not accountable.

Even when it comes to designing a square in a park, they will not feel the need, not even out of mere curiosity, to look for the best solution by simply having one more round of discussions, to speak and consult the people, because they think ”they know best”.

Reform without accountability is unsustainable.

A good reform will not come out of a bad government.

A bad government is a government that does not govern transparently.

The democratic ingredient in any reform is, therefore, indispensable.