“Corruption” is the new “communism”. A strategy to un-capture Moldova.

Parliament of Moldova

Moldova is a textbook example of how corruption can become a direct threat to democracy. An oligarch has captured Moldova and exercises systemic control in the country. While the country’s problems and challenges have been extensively discussed, and while the main responsibility to overcome the state of things lies on the Moldovan society, this document focuses on what can Moldova’s partners in the West do to help. This document advocates for a tougher policy on Moldova, showing how this will bring benefits for the Moldovan people, and for advancing democracy in the region. It also gives concrete suggestions. To succeed, the west must see in oligarch-rule corruption the same existential risks it saw in communism 30 years ago.

I was working on this paper for a while, having been slowed down by bicycle accidents, elections, and just work. But finally here it is. Please read it and share it. This country needs all the help it can get.